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Christian Cell Phone Godly Wisdom helps readers understand the role of God’s wisdom and the importance of obtaining godly wisdom in one’s life to produce prosperous results in all areas of life. These areas are critical and include family, relationships and finances. The acquiring of God’s wisdom is to be sought after in life and will impact others as well.

Christian Cell Phone God’s Favor is designed to give readers
knowledge of God’s favor from the Old Testament to the New Testament. With an analysis of the favor that was on Jesus, the Son of God, the reader will find that God’s favor can completely change one’s life and lead others to Christ as well.

Christian Cell Phone God’s Anointing takes a look at the
anointing on the life of Jesus that includes present day believers in Christ Jesus. This anointing can be applied to all areas of life and can be seen in miraculous ways. The anointing is what makes our life incredible and supernatural, drawing all those who see, to Christ.

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