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All Chuches Be One


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Jesus came to this world to save sinners and the lost, to join people in the world together with his divine love. Our Lord and Savior give the purpose of his Spirit anointed ministry to the people in the synagogue. God the Father sent him to preach the gospel to the poor, the sinners, the afflicted, the humble, destitute and to those who are crushed in spirit; the brokenhearted and those who tremble at His Word. Christ said that he was sent to heal those who are bruised and oppressed; the healing of Jesus Christ consists of physical and spiritual healing. All churches must adopt Christ’s message, words, preaching teaching. They must preach the Gospel of God exactly as Christ taught and preached it; without adding to it, or taking away from it. This book will open the hearts and minds of all the believing Christians in a way that they will worship the Lord with the Spirit of truth and holiness so that they will come to the knowledge and understanding that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is One God – the Holy Trinity ever one God.


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