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Grace Dola Balogun graduated from Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education with an M.A. in Religion and Religious Education. She has been a prayer mentor and advisor for many Christians of all denominations. Grace is also the author of Prayer the Source of Strength for Life. Published in English and in Spanish; and Spirit Power Volumes One and Two, as well as The Cross and the Crucifixion and the Three Simple Solutions For World Peace, Justification by Faith Alone In Christ Alone, I am the Resurrection and the Life.

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The Old Testament prophets, both men and women of God who
were called of God as prophets, priests, judges, kings, wise
counselors and the psalmists, were all given a distinctive value, a
special ability to interpret the message and the Word of God to the
people of God. The entire Old Testament was influenced by the
prophet and the evidence was clearly seen in the Book of Torah,
the prophets and the writings from a prophetic perspective, such
examples are the following: Joshua, Judges, 1st Samuel and 2nd
Samuel and Kings. They were all called by God to serve Him.
These special servants of the Lord possessed a special ability to see
in the spiritual realms, as well as foresee future events.